The story behind Laneay's Organics from it's creator.


Greetings earthlings and welcome to Laneay’s Organics. I humbly thank you for being here and would like to share how this all came to be and why. The importance and knowledge of skin care was imparted on me early in life as a young child, by way of my mother. My mama was my best friend and some of my most cherished memories with her were those of me sitting on top of the toilet seat in her bathroom, intently watching as she did her whole skincare and make up routine on her beautifully glowing canvas. There have been so many valuable life lessons I learned from her; nurturing one's body inside and out in a mindful way was one of them. As I grew up and became a very young single mother, affording all the high end skin care on the market or getting professional facials was not an option for me with my shallow pockets!

This is what led me to research what benefits the skin the most, what a skincare routine should include, what I could make myself and more importantly, with few and all natural ingredients. So here I am, wanting to share with all of you the handcrafted natural skincare I have used on my face for years and have shared with my family and close friends along the way. I lovingly create every product I have to offer with organic, carefully sourced, non-gmo natural ingredients and I truly hope you love my results-driven skin enriching products as much as I do!