About Us

Here at L.O. our mission is to bring our customers the most unaltered, high quality, nutrient rich, skin loving ingredients without breaking one's budget or negatively impacting the planet. L.O.'s skincare is always handcrafted, 100% natural, alcohol free, preservative free and cruelty free. We strongly feel that everyone deserves to have what is best for their bodies, internally and externally, no matter what their financial status is. Being able to give access to organic, premium ingredients and wellness to ALL is very important to us and is why you’ll see that we offer twice as much volume in our products in comparison to our competitors, giving you that bang for your buck! Quality and Quantity--we believe you shouldn’t have to choose one over the other.

Another fundamental part of our mission is supporting our Mother Earth in every way we can. We cherish the opportunity we've been given by her to have such an abundance of plants and nutrients that benefit us so much, and in numerous ways. This is why we strive to be as eco-conscious in all that we do here. From making the products to packaging them, our goal is to leave little to no trace of a negative impact on our planet. We are and will continue to look for the most eco-friendly approaches in every aspect of our business. You can have peace of mind with every purchase from Laneay’s Organics that you have played a valuable role in this mission by being an eco-conscious consumer. 

Now, take some much needed time for you. Nurture and pamper yourself with the very best, made with the utmost love, natural skincare because you damn sure deserve it! You only get one temple and one canvas, how you take care of it matters so much! We thank you for being here, you’re one step closer to important self-care. You are worthy.

With deep gratitude,

Laneay's Organics ❤️  


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