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Welcome to Laneay's Organics!

Our Hand-Crafted Skincare

We believe in quality.

- Only the highest quality, raw ingredients used.

- Made with 100% all natural and organic ingredients.

- Created in small batches to ensure freshness, quality and zero waste.

Quality AND Quantity

- 1.5- 2X more product, than competitors-giving you that extra bang for your buck!

- Quality skincare, without emptying your wallet.

- Creating a spa-like experience at a fraction of the cost, in the safety of your home.

We care about our planet.

- Ethically sourced ingredients.

- 100% Recyclable packaging/labeling  & Reusable Packaging. Environmentally sustainable practices.

- We strive to make as little environmental impact on our planet and that is why we took the step to be a Carbonfree® Business and partnered with This allows us to neutralize the carbon emissions associated with every order. CARBON FREE SHIPPING! 💨

All the rave


Quality AND Quantity- we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice one over the other!


L.O. Self-care thru Skincare bundles are here!! We’ve put together all of our skin enriching goods in one bundle for a great savings--giving you all the natural skin regeneration supplies needed.


You can pick between our “Feel Good with Coffee Bundle” or our “Sugar Honey Sweet Bundle” and our scrubs totally work as a 2-IN-1! Face & Body...we’ve truly got your skin covered in the gifts of Mother Nature!! WIN-WIN!!


✨A C N E treating

✨S K I N tightening

✨T O X I N pulling

✨P O R E minimizing

✨D A R K spot reducing

We’re describing our Pulsating Clay Turmeric Mask...totally makes sense why it’s our Top Seller!

Uncover your natural glow with our powerhouse clay mask! 🙌🏾🤩


100% Bamboo Cotton Face Rounds are made without any chemical treatment, giving them an extremely soft and naturally soothing texture and are hypoallergenic. The best part about them is that bamboo is far more sustainable for the Earth than cotton is, the healthier choice to use and reusable!👏🏾♻️ 

❣️With every Aloe-Witch Hazel Toner purchase, you will receive a 100% Bamboo Cotton reusable face round with it. This includes our Natural Skincare Bundle purchases, too❣️