Why skincare packaging matters


The most beneficial nutrients and antioxidants for optimal skin health are ones that break down and lose their effectiveness when exposed to light. The way your skincare is packaged directly impacts not only the product itself but also how it will benefit your face/skin--the whole purpose of you purchasing it in the first place.

Nutrients such as vitamin A-(natural retinol that supports the skin’s health and healing of it), vitamin C-(collagen booster), and vitamin E- (UV protection and anti-inflammatory), all need protection from light.

Dark colored jars or bottles such as amber or cobalt blue are UV protected which keep the delicate ingredients in your skincare stable, allowing the product to last longer, and keeping its potency intact due to it being shielded from exposure to any light. Skincare made with unrefined plant oils or essential oils especially need this protection. 

In addition to your skincare’s packaging, how you use it is important too. It’s always best to use a clean applicator versus your fingers when applying your skincare; even with washing and drying hands before use, there is still a chance of bacteria entering your products. Bacteria could be on the applicator as well if not washed properly so just be careful of either and always wash your hands/applicators before applying your skincare.

So, when purchasing your moisturizers, serums, eye creams, and more...be sure to check that the skincare is in packaging that will protect and best preserve what is inside.

Happy (informative) skincare shopping, lovelies!🌱🤎