Laneay's Organics - What We Do



Mother Earth provides all that we need to healthily thrive inside and out. As humans on this planet, we must honor and support our Mother Earth as best as we can, in any way that we can.—This is our mantra here at Laneay’s Organics and something we don’t take lightly.

We take much care and due diligence in sourcing the most compatible and skin nourishing oils for all skin types that are ethically made and not negatively impactful on the planet. All carrier oils and essential oils we use are cold-pressed/steam distilled and USDA/Certified Organic as well as either locally sourced, or from like-minded earth friendly or climate pledge friendly companies whenever possible.


We aren’t just saying that we’re “all natural-organic-pure” (terms that are often thrown around in “natural” skincare products/companies then you read their entire ingredient list and that’s not the case) we truly are! We use Zero preservatives of any kind, Zero fillers, Zero detergents/emulsifiers, Zero alcohol, Zero added fragrances, and Zero pore clogging oils (this is why you won’t find any coconut oil in any of our facial skincare products). Every product is made with the highest quality ingredients and with the most genuine care and intention; packaged in dark UV shielding reusable/recyclable glass jars/bottles that will keep the delicate and vital nutrients in our skincare products protected and effective.


We prepare our skincare products in small batches or made to order to ensure optimal freshness, quality, and to support our zero waste mission. We offer free shipping anywhere within the US and in our continued effort to support the planet in any way we can, we partnered with Our Carbonfree® Business Partnership neutralizes the carbon emissions associated with each customer shipment allowing for every Laneay’s Organics order to be shipped carbon free.


We provide a higher volume of product in comparison to other comparable skincare brands. It’s most common to see 0.5 oz-2 oz worth of volume in skincare for eye creams, face exfoliants or masks and 2-6oz for face toners.


Our exfoliating face scrubs and clay mask are in 4 oz jars giving you at the very minimum a month's worth of supply. Our toner is in an 8 oz glass bottle and our TLC Carrot eye cream is in a 1oz jar. Our purpose behind these larger amounts of product is to give our consumers better flexibility in their spending on the necessary skincare needed for routine use. We provide volume and high quality, truly natural skincare with transparent ingredients that gives a bang for your buck without sacrificing our high standards for clean skincare and your overall skin health.


We hope this has provided you much insight into our why and the immense amount of care and work that goes into every aspect of what we do here. The skincare industry is a highly saturated market and you can choose from so many. Love and intention is infused in all we do and we thank you for choosing us when you have thousands of options out there.

With deep gratitude to all of our L.O. Lovelies,

Laneay's Organics 🌱🤎